About Dog Science, Inc.


Dakotah, a beagle mix, loves playing video games for science on a touch-screen.

Welcome to Dog Science, Inc.

Research helping dogs everywhere!

Dog Science, Inc. was formed in October of 2012.

Dog Science, Inc. was founded by researchers at the University of Kentucky in the field of comparative psychology who were frustrated with the lack of funding for scientific research investigating dog cognition and behavior. Dogs may be man’s best friend, but many aspects of their minds remain unexplored. Dog Science, Inc., is a non-profit corporation created to fund non-invasive, cognitive research in the fields of comparative cognition and animal behavior. Dog Science, Inc. also hopes to fund educational initiatives about canine cognition and sponsored research.

Many people would spend a small fortune to ensure the health of their dog, but few people understand what is actually the largest threat to dogs in our society. Threats such as cancer and heart disease pale in comparison to the most serious threat dogs as a whole face: euthanasia due to behavior problems. People are responsible for more canine deaths each year than any disease. Why? Owners grow tired, dissatisfied and disconnected from their dogs when their dogs do things they’re not supposed to do. Some owners decide to give up their dog to a shelter where the dog is likely to be euthanized due to safety issues and unadoptability. It is imperative that we develop a better understanding of the canine mind so that we can develop and improve treatment and interventions to combat issues with behavior and help all dogs find happy, life-long homes where they are loved and understood.